14-2a, 14-6, 14-1, and 14-7 outside the back bays.

The following apparatus are located at Station 14 in Unionville:

Engine 14-1

Engine 14-1Benton Township’s first out engine on all major incidents. Engine 14 is a 2006 Freightliner M2 chassis with S&S body. It has a 1250 GPM Waterous single stage pump, a 1250 gallon water tank, and 10-gallon foam tank. The transverse-mount pump panel allows the engineer to observe operations on either side of the engine from an elevated position. Engine 14 was purchased with the assistance of grant funds provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Brush 14-2a

Brush 14-2aMuch of the northern half of Benton Township is state forest land, and brush and grass fires are not infrequent. 14-2a responds to all brush and grass fires and has specialized wildfire equipment, including backpack hand pumps, rakes, leaf blowers, and chainsaws to clear fire breaks to contain wildfires.

Firefighters are issued special wildland fire gear that is lighter and more appropriate to the prolonged physical exertion required in fighting wildfires.

Rescue 14-6

Rescue 14-6Rescue 14-6 is a 2013 Dodge 550 4X4 chassis with a 400-gallon water tank, a 15-gallon foam tank, and 125 GPM pump. It is a medium duty rescue truck that contains a variety of rescue equipment for various situations, such as auto extrication and low angle rope rescue.

Tanker 14-7

Tanker 14-7Because Benton Township is rural, there are very few fire hydrants, so often we have to bring our own water to the scene. Major incidents require a tanker shuttle, where tanker trucks get water from the nearest hydrant, return to the scene of the fire, and dump their water into a holding tank which supplies the pumper with water. Tanker 14-7 is a 1999 Freightliner FL-80 Chassis with S&S body, 750 GPM Waterous single stage pump, and a 2100 gallon tank.

Support 14-8

Support 14-8Support 14-8 is a 2008 Dodge 3500 that has been modified by the department to support fireground operations. This truck has a cascade system to store large quantities of air to refill SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus) on the scene. The unit also serves as the chief’s response vehicle.

Utility 14

Utility 14Utility 14 is a specially configured Husqvarna HUV4421DXL powered by a 20hp three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. This vehicle is perfect for off-road and wildland firefighting. With seating for four, a pump with drafting capabilities, a 75-gallon water tank with hose reel, and a rack for securing a patient on a backboard, this vehicle serves to extend the department’s reach into areas larger vehicles cannot attempt.

This vehicle is ideal for attacking difficult to access brush fires and for forest rescue missions. Towed on a trailer to its deployment site, Utility 14 is available to respond with other departments in the county in need of its special capabilities.

Squad 14

Squad 14Squad 14 is a 2001 Dodge Ram Dakota four-door 4-wheel drive pickup and responds to EMS calls. It was purchased entirely with funds provided by the Benton Township Firefighters Association.

Marine 14

Marine 14Marine 14 is a 2009 Rescue One 16 foot connector boat, which means it is designed to raft with other connector boats. It has a 40 HP electric start Mercury four stroke engine and an aluminum rescue platform that swivels in front of the bow to allow for easy boarding. It is fully equipped with equipment specially designed for water rescue. In addition, it can be fitted with a portable water pump to serve as a fireboat if needed.

Prior to acquiring Marine 14, the department’s only watercraft was a 16-foot v-bottom aluminum boat with 9.9 hp motor. During flooding, many residents have to be evacuated from their homes by boat. Although residents were evacuated safely, it was clear a watercraft specifically designed for water rescue was needed.

Lake Lemon, the 11th largest lake in Indiana, comprises 24 miles of shoreline and 1650 acres in the northeastern part of Monroe County. Located in the township, Lake Lemon is a busy recreation destination for boaters, swimmers, and fisherman, with homes and marinas along its shores. Marine 14 is available to respond to incidents on the lake.